The Beginning of a Cyclist

The sport of cycling has come a long way and in a lot of ways it’s stayed the same.  It’s still on two wheels no doubt but the equipment now is lighter, more durable, and faster. For today’s post I’m going to get retro on you, at least from my perspective.  My beginning in cycling […]

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What Drives You?

The drive in us all.  Who put it there?  Why do we always want to go faster, get leaner, be stronger?  Questions that have plagued me in the past.  I’ve always been a competitive person.  I wouldn’t say to the extreme but I do love to win.  Who doesn’t? It’s something that’s embedded in us […]

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P90X-Cyclist Style

Wow so it’s my 50th post since this past January.  A lot has gone on in that time, some blogged about and some not.  As time progresses I’m hoping to get better at this “blogging” thing and have more information and topics to write about.  For now all I can throw at you is what […]

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This past weekend ride was joyous, painful, and of course not lacking of any excitement.  I set off on my normal route with a few extra added in climbs throughout Mission Valley and Santee.  About halfway through my ride I made a stupid mistake though.  I was seriously put to shame this weekend out on […]

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Hunger Pains :Redo

Back in January I touched on a dear, dear subject of mine, eating…..yeah I love it and you know you do to.  That’s what’s wrong with us right?  Too much indulging and not enough hard work but I digress.  What I specifically wrote about was hunger pains, seen here.  Now I’m sure some of you […]

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Just Pick A Theme Already

I keep playing around with my blog theme. (duh right?) I can’t seem to find one that makes me happy to look at.  Sorry if it’s throwing you off but I promise to find one eventually that suits my visual needs. To keep you up to date so far I’m currently on day 3 of […]

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Cycling Sanity

3 weeks to the day I’ve been off the bike.  21 days ago I slacked off.  That’s really all that can be said.  It was driving me crazy not riding.  Riding is like a drug, well any physical exercise is really.  I’m glad to be back at it as I haven’t quite reached my goal […]

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