Internal Workings of A Cyclist

Cycling in general is a very personal experience whether group riding, riding alone, or even with just a few buddies.  You might be with your group hammering down the road but deep down when you start feeling exhausted or cramping up your ride turns into a solo trip.  No one can experience the exact feeling that you have.  Everyone has their own pain level and thresholds to break through. A short fast ride for some could be hellacious while a long, hot ride for others can be a breeze.

Inside though we’re battling our own demons.  Telling us enough, quit, go home now.  Those were my demons this weekend.  Hot weather and I mean hot 100 plus degree weather is hard to plan for if you’re not used to it.  I would have had a recovery drink and some better food with me. Though water and Cliff Bars are great, they didn’t cut it.  Cramping and dehydration starting setting in rather quickly.

My ride was out in Scottsdale, AZ and it was HOT.  If I were to put it into just one word that would be it.  Think about it, the day started at 6 AM and it was 92 degrees.  WTF, who puts themselves through this?  Oh yeah, we do.  I jumped in with a local Tri group here in Phoenix while they are training for the Phoenix Triathlon.  Those boys & girls were fast.  Fast enough to spit me out the back of the group by mile 14.  Luckily right before the first stop…

The ride itself was a run through of the Tour de Scottsdale coming up at the end of the month.  A 70 mile loop which was cut down to 54 today I assume because of the heat.  Not a cloud in the sky (trust me I noticed, I was begging for shade) but it was truly gorgeous out in the dessert early in the AM.  Screw the mid afternoon stuff, you can have that heat.  Hardly any traffic on the two lane road with a pretty kick ass 9 mile downhill where we were able to clip along at about 32 mph. I did get spit in the face by some chick that wanted to keep passing me and then slowing down. Guess no one ever taught her rider etiquette, to watch and warn before you spit.  At least she missed my mouth.

For me this ride was a new element to add to my bag of experiences.  I’ve done the freezing rain in San Diego, the snow in South Korea, and now add to it the hot ass weather in Phoenix.  It’s days like today which shapes me into the person I am.  Difficult and hard tasks makes it easier for me to deal with the day to day mundane crap we all go through.  For now, my feet are firmly planted up on the coffee table and in the very near future (like now) some mexican food and a dip in the pool.  I might even throw in a couple cervezas!

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


5 thoughts on “Internal Workings of A Cyclist

  1. The heat is one of the reasons I like to start early on Saturdays. Luckily, the humidity down here in Florida has broken and it isn’t too bad now.

    I understand about battling the inner demons. I lost today when I gave into the wind and cut my ride short instead of adding a loop that would have added an extra 5 miles. Now I feel guilty about it.

    Those tri riders are always fast. When I was in Texas I would get passed by men and women just flying on their tri bikes. Of course, they were in much better shape than me.

    As far as the spit – not cool.

    1. The Tri-geeks were definitely fast. I was glad when the group split up and I was able to hang on to the slower group. Still wouldn’t want to deal with this heat all the time though, if you can, you da man.

  2. SPIT, yuck..She could have at least looked over her shoulder to see where it was going to land..
    I’m glad you did the ride Tony..
    Sounds like you’re going to have fun with your feet up & a couple beers..
    I love you son..

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