The Beginning of a Cyclist

The sport of cycling has come a long way and in a lot of ways it’s stayed the same.  It’s still on two wheels no doubt but the equipment now is lighter, more durable, and faster. For today’s post I’m going to get retro on you, at least from my perspective.  My beginning in cycling started with not two wheels but three.

My first Carbon Beauty

It was not made of resin (carbon) nor aluminum not even steel.  It was made from good ‘ole plastic.  That being of course the American engineered and created Big Wheel.  Here’s a quick history lesson on the Big Wheel.  Yes I loved that “trike”.  I rode it everywhere, of course I had to stay on my block and I couldn’t venture out any farther unless someone was with me.  I stuck to that…mostly (unless that damn Chihuahua up the street was chasing me). That was back in the day when kids actually played outside, you know without the video games and TV taking up their lives and making them obese.  You couldn’t keep me indoors buddy, no way no how.  I was out the door, most of the time shoeless I left so fast.  I rode my Big Wheel for so long that I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 7.  Can you believe that?  I can still remember a commercial on TV that had a Big Wheel with an e-brake on it that you could pull and go sliding down the street (sweet).

Hand Me Downs

Now I did eventually upgrade from my Big Wheel.  Of course it was handed down from my older sisters and was siting outside next to our shed for many years.  It still worked all the same (awesome resilient plastic).  It was the Green Machine.

Green Machine

I’m really digging deep on the memories here and if it serves me correctly we had this thing.  I didn’t like it much and would go back and forth between this and my Big Wheel.  But I think after I wore a hole in my plastic front wheel my ride was done…literally.

Looks Comfy on the Booty

As I stated before most of our big ticket items like these were hand me downs.  As was my first real two wheeled bike.  I don’t have too many memories of this bike, and I’m pretty sure it was actually silver and it had silver stars on the seat and also streamers on the grips (give me a break I was the only boy in the family, remember I had no choice here). The fantastic banana seat bike.  It was still a great ride and I think it was probably easier to learn on this thing due to the large seat and being able to spread my weight over it.  Just trying to rationalize having one of these bikes OK?  I think that was also my first and last bike with a kick stand, hated those things.

Times have changed.  I don’t see any of these type bikes around anymore but when I do see one they surely bring back memories of no responsibilities and no cares in the world except to just have fun.  The only thing I worried about as a kid was to not cuss, be home by sundown, and to make sure I didn’t slam the screen door (dad hated that).  Closest thing to those feelings I get is when I ride but more so in a group setting.  I feel like I’m back on my block tearing it up on my Big Wheel with my buddies.  Of course my bike now has changed, just a bit.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


4 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Cyclist

  1. “It was still a great ride and I think it was probably easier to learn on this thing due to the large seat and being able to spread my weight over it. ”
    You make it sound like you were about 200 lbs at age 7…lol….hey man, I had the Big Wheel too and man did I have fun down the wet street going downhill… wonder I can’t stay away from motorcycles now….

  2. I love it Tony!
    That is exactly what your big wheel looked like.
    I do believe your first bike did belong to one of your sisters.
    Good memories I hope for you.
    Things certainly have changed a lot.
    I love you and keep coming with the stories. I love them!

  3. Tony, you’re really bringing back the memories for me. Although I never had a big wheel or banana bike, I sure do remember them. Your post really brought me back.

    I really can’t figure out why all adults don’t ride bikes….we have so many great memories of them as kids and it’s a shame to just let those slide.


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