What Drives You?

The drive in us all.  Who put it there?  Why do we always want to go faster, get leaner, be stronger?  Questions that have plagued me in the past.  I’ve always been a competitive person.  I wouldn’t say to the extreme but I do love to win.  Who doesn’t? It’s something that’s embedded in us as children, to be number 1.  No one wants to be number 2, that’s just the first place loser.  These concepts follow us throughout our whole lives whether it be on the field, on a bike, or even sitting behind a gaming console.  We all want to look good, be cool and be winners.  It’s just in our nature. Sure we try to teach kids that nobody likes a sore loser and that we’ll get them next time.  Ha, truth is those kids are burning inside and you can’t take that away from them. Those crappy feelings you get when you lose at something is what drives you to excel and win the next time.

I believe I was feeling that way (crappy) for a few years prior to finding my legs (cycling) and also finding a passion and love for something that I hope I can do for the rest of my life.  There’s something to be said about cycling that sometimes just can’t be explained.  It’s probably easier to drag everyone out on a bike and say “see, this is what I mean”.  I feel like I’ve truly won since I started riding.  Not only am I faster, leaner, and stronger but I feel better about who I am and what my own abilities and skills are.  I never envisioned being athletic (I was the band geek in school).  At least I played the drums, we were semi-cool (my own reality).  I was not into sports, truth is I couldn’t even tell you who was on the Miami Dolphins back then other than Marino.  I tried exercising when I was younger but I just never had that drive, or someone to push me to excel.  Sure I rode my bike and skateboarded but I don’t think I ever appreciated my two wheels as I do now.

Things have changed for me….drastically.  I can feel it inside.  Maybe it’s coming with age, maybe not but I want to be better.  Not just as a cyclist but as a friend, a husband, a brother, an uncle, a son, a cousin and eventually a father.  I feel like I’m driving towards a goal which is something as a kid I never realized.  I had no passions when I was younger, no drive to do anything.  Now the road, the wind, the climbs, the sweat, the heat, the cold, the pain, the suffering…..it all gives me drive now.  I will not give up, I will not give in, this will not overtake me.  Even on my worst day I will push myself.  To excel at life is what I’m after.  (Where was this guy 20 years ago?) This is what my bike has done for me.  What can you say drives you?

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


9 thoughts on “What Drives You?

  1. Oh my gosh….I have to 100% honestly say that this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. I love the honesty and openness of it all and I could really feel those “unexplainable feelings” come through.
    As a fellow rider, I totally understand what you’re saying about how it feels to be on a bike. Something only cycling brothers (and sisters) can understand.

    I’ll have to go look up what that last line means….checking it out right now.


    1. Wow, thanks Darryl for the props. I felt inspired today….To give you a little hint on the “last line” It’s the language spoken in Brazil, my wife’s home country.

  2. Whoa. Have to agree with Darryl. Great post. Glad I found your blog and Twitter — following. I’ll be in San Diego the week of Dec 6. I’m slow like a turtle but maybe we could go for a ride.

  3. Good read on this one son..I love your posts!
    I’m glad you found the person you were looking for..
    I loved you in your band uniform..

  4. Man, that is a great post and totally understand what you mean. I had found my legs a long time ago but life force me to give it up for about 15 years. Now that it’s back, I love it.

    “Keep the rubber side down.”

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