P90X-Cyclist Style

Wow so it’s my 50th post since this past January.  A lot has gone on in that time, some blogged about and some not.  As time progresses I’m hoping to get better at this “blogging” thing and have more information and topics to write about.  For now all I can throw at you is what I’m currently up to.


As you all know I’ve been ripping it up doing the P90X.  I’m sitting on day 13 out of 90 as I write this and can honestly tell you I haven’t worked out so hard in my life.  I haven’t taken a day off in 15 days straight.  On the P90X rest day I head out for a bike ride which I’ll also do on tomorrow’s day off.  It’s been extreme.  On day 9 I started feeling really sluggish and tired.  I was still getting my 6-7 hours of sleep but I think that the workouts were just starting to catch up to me.  I powered through after getting a really good nights rest and I’m back going strong.  As a cyclist I know pain and I’m learning more and more on how to deal with it and not let it go to my head, so to say.  You’d be surprised how much farther you can push yourself when you just shut off that big melon upstairs.  Most of us have an inner voice that says, “I’m done, that’s it, no more”.  It’s so not true though and I totally believe that being a cyclist has taught me that.  You see on most rides every cyclist will come to that crossroad of pushing themselves.  Whether that takes someone passing you by (Humbled) or reaching that climb you always wanted to do, or even just simply wanting to push yourself for fitness reasons.  The crossroad will come and dealing with that crossroad, the pain, the agony, the lactic acid, the cramps, and being able to push through it is what I think makes a cyclist a true cyclist.

Applying My Opinions

When I’m in agony off the bike, as in this P90X routine I simply try to envision how reaching for that next pull-up or grabbing that last rep is going to help me on my rides.  A stronger upper body will allow me to pull more on the bars when I’m sprinting or climbing up hill which in turn provides more strength to my legs to turn the cranks.  As far a working out my legs, well that’s self explanatory.  What I’m trying to concentrate the most on and hopefully acquire the most gains is in my core strength (ABS@35).  My core is used immensely on the bike even though you wouldn’t think it was.  Not only does it provide balance and composure but the core is constantly engaged when I ride so providing a healthy back and abs would only make my rides more comfortable and enjoyable on longer journeys.  Another great benefit of P90x which I never knew about is the Yoga.  Seriously, Yoga.  Not only am I learning to focus on my body and stretching out all my limbs but dang it’s also a hell of a workout.  Stretching out your legs and spine is fantastic for a cyclist and I will include this in my routine probably for the rest of my life.

Weeks to Come

The weeks will just keep getting harder.  I can look ahead in the program and I can tell it surely doesn’t ease up.  In the next week or two I’ll possibly be able to get more rides in and maybe pass through the next plateau as my wife is heading out on a trip for a while.  That leaves me home bachelor style so all I have to focus on is myself.  While it will be hard to be without my wife for 10 days (while she’s soaking up the Miami sun) I will try to concentrate on the fact that I have all the free time to ride and exercise as much as possible.  More to come, I’m sure.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


5 thoughts on “P90X-Cyclist Style

  1. I’ve heard of lots of folks doing the P90X. Good luck with it.

    Your quote, “The crossroad will come and dealing with that crossroad, the pain, the agony, the lactic acid, the cramps, and being able to push through it is what I think makes a cyclist a true cyclist.” Awesome.

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