Hunger Pains :Redo

Back in January I touched on a dear, dear subject of mine, eating…..yeah I love it and you know you do to.  That’s what’s wrong with us right?  Too much indulging and not enough hard work but I digress.  What I specifically wrote about was hunger pains, seen here.  Now I’m sure some of you can relate to what I’m talking about and some of you can’t.  Basically I’m bringing this topic up again because, well, they’re back (the hunger pains that is).  If you’ve been following along on my journey here (which of course you have been) then you would see that I’m in the beginning of a P90X regimen.  As I’m doing this program and still trying to ride my bike I’m starting to understand more how my body works.  See back in January I was riding a lot.  A lot more than I had been anyway.  So I was hungry all the time.  Yet I was still trying to drop more weight because as a cyclist weight hinders.

Everything has been status quo since January.  I’ve been eating healthy for the most part (except for a few weekend slip ups) and riding the same routes with hardly a change being thrown in. I’ve rarely ever had the “evening hunger pains” since then, until now.  This is what I think it comes down to.  I believe that I’ve been on a plateau for 7 months and as soon as I changed up the program like adding this workout I broke through it.  The reason I think this, is simply because now I’m back to having these hunger pains (as well as muscle soreness, eeesh) and I can’t seem to get satisfied no matter what I eat.  It sounds weird I know, but I really think I’m making positive gains and my body is simply letting me know that I’ve broken through the “needing more calories” threshold and that I need to fuel it more.  These workouts are different than cycling, obviously, and they take a great deal more overall physical strength than riding a bike.  More than I’m used to doing.  So it kind of goes without saying that once I start adding in my rides I’m going to need even more calories.  Which by the way yesterday was my first day on the bike while doing this workout.  I gave it a shot and woke up at 4:15 AM and did my P90X workout.  Then in the evening after work I threw in a 35 mile loop on my bike.  Yeah, it wasn’t easy and I was a lot slower than normal.  Major energy loss but it was doable.  Just because it was difficult doesn’t mean I’m going to quit.  More to follow I’m sure….

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


5 thoughts on “Hunger Pains :Redo

  1. Tony I’m very proud of your wanting to do all this, but please be careful not to do too much.
    You can over exercise.
    I don’t want you to become sick.
    I love you.


    1. Darryl,

      Thanks for the help. Trying to do the best to stay in the fruit and veggies department as much as possible. About the only thing I eat out of a box or container right now is cereal (healthy fibre kind) and my whey protein shakes. Have to admit it’s hard though…..

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