Just Pick A Theme Already

I keep playing around with my blog theme. (duh right?) I can’t seem to find one that makes me happy to look at.  Sorry if it’s throwing you off but I promise to find one eventually that suits my visual needs.

To keep you up to date so far

I’m currently on day 3 of the P90X workouts.  They’re tough, I’ll give them that.  As far as my cardio conditioning goes I think I’m doing surprisingly well.  I should pay homage to my bike for that, thank you Lilly (yes her name is Lilly what of it?) The past year I’ve seen good results on my breathing and lung capacity under hard pulls out on the road.  When it comes to the strength conditioning, well that’s another story.  My upper body is weak in comparison to my legs and I can only hope that this full body P90X workout will improve my overall fitness on my bike.  The videos concentrate a lot on core strength which is also one of the more important muscle groups for a cyclist (not just the legs) which is also one of my weak spots.

Still need to ride, dang it

I’m still trying to formulate a plan to include my riding into these workouts. I would love to bike in the morning as Biking to Live has pointed out is a great time.  Unfortunately starting work at 7 AM is way too early of a start time to fall into the “morning riders” category.  I’m worried that by throwing in a two hour ride right before one of these workouts in the evenings will leave me too drained to complete the workout correctly and in good form.  Maybe after the first week I will feel better and more comfortable doing these workouts to be able to include my riding?  For now I’ll push through the muscle pain I have and see how it fairs out next week.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


5 thoughts on “Just Pick A Theme Already

  1. Love reading your blogs!! Lilly is da bomb! Happy you are using her name now 🙂 Excited to work out tonight! I think I will start a blog of my own.

  2. Boy, Tony..You sure have a lot on your plate..I hope you get to do all you want & don’t wear yourself out..

    love you

    1. No prob Bryan, dig the new site you have up by the way. I’m thinking about doing my training in the morning, then riding after work. Not sure yet, might work out better.

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