Houston So Far

If you ask me right now what stands out the most about Houston so far, well it’s the heat.  It’s hot.  Now I’m used to heat, it doesn’t get to me that much but when you add on the amount of humidity that this city has, well now we’re talking.  I attempted to go running with my brother-in-law two days ago.  I say attempted because it felt like an utter failure.  The humidity felt like a monkey on my back that wouldn’t jump off.  I’m sure I could get used to it but would I want to?

I’ve been to Houston a few times but never as a cycling enthusiast.  I have literally not seen one cyclist out on the roads here.  To be fair I also see very few bike lanes and it doesn’t seem like a very bike friendly place.  On any given time you can see someone tearing it up on the roads in San Diego but not here, maybe it’s too hot and they’re all smarter than that.  Going to look into it a little more though as I’m still considering bringing my bike here for our Christmas trip.

Hitting some balls

I did get to hit a few golf balls the other day.  Almost got to see the whole course but it was a little late and we would have only had about an hour and a half to play 9 holes.  It was all good though and worked out because we got to chip a bunch of balls and spent some time on the driving range.  We hit the clubhouse after for some beers and burgers.  Great topper to a great day.

This has been a great trip and I’ve definitely taken advantage of some family time.  Today I was able to take my sister, little Nate and my mother out for lunch.  Followed up by some pool time with my mom.  It really is the little things that I miss about my family.  I can do without the drama sometimes but it’s OK in small doses 🙂

Nate the Great

Here’s little Nate and I.  He’s a cutie and I can’t wait to see him this Christmas.  Doesn’t he look like his Uncle?  Umm, ok maybe not.  So the trip is almost over and then it will back to the grind.  I miss my little family at home and I’m glad I have someone as special as them to go home to.  From what I here my first born dog is acting up and has recently left a little surprise on the carpet for his mother to pick up.  Not like him at all and I’ll have to have a little talk with him when I get home.

I’m also missing the bike.  Watching the tour everyday is driving me nuts not being able to grind some miles away.  I will make it up shortly and be back to it next week.  Till then….

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


3 thoughts on “Houston So Far

  1. I’m so glad that you got a chance to come out here & see Nate — had a great time with you! I’m sure you are anxious to get home to your own little family, as you say — but I sure wish you could stay forever! I love you — your sis!!

  2. I love having you here Tony. It’s one of the best gifts a mom could get.
    Will be looking forward to Christmas when I can see my “daughter” also.
    Keep riding.
    I love you.

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