Project Houston

Here I am sitting on my connecting flight to Houston in anticipation. See I’m on my way to surprise my sister Denise by showing up unannounced at her house. The reason why?  Well a new baby, duh. Not mine, I’m sure I would have blogged about that already. No my sister had her second a few days ago, 9 to be exact. I was being difficult with making the decision to come out here. I have to give props and thanks to my wife for convincing me to go. She taught me that family is more important than money and I need to quit worrying so much. Thanks honey.

So I’m sitting here eating my complimentary biscotti cookie and drinking my free diet coke.  Glad to see my money being used wisely, way to go Delta.  I was going to get a beer (I am on vacation) but of course the one time I want one the airline only takes cash, what gives?  Diet coke it is then, bastards.  I’m currently trying to form some funny plan to surprise my sis. I was thinking about sneaking in some how and just sitting on her couch or something. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

Now back to the reason of my visit. That of course would be the new addition to the family Nathaniel Paul.  Little “Nate Dog” (family nickname) is already famous and I’m sure he’ll be a huge hit with the ladies.  If you’re wondering why after just 9 days if life I can already tell you that well it’s simple. Wait for it. Wait….. for… That’s because they gave him my middle name duh! So of course he’s gonna have that extra special funk to him. No not smell type funk, but like hot spicy mustard funk.  As you can see I’m excited to meet the little guy and can’t wait to see the family.

I’ll of course be checking out the local cycling scene as well for future trips. I haven’t heard much about Houston being a hot spot for cycling enthusiasts but I’ll definitely look into it.  Expect more posts from the local scene in Houston and of course pictures of the little tyke.  Peace.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


2 thoughts on “Project Houston

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh..We’re so glad you’re here son!
    I have never seen such a look on your sister’s face in my life! She was definitely surprised!

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