World Cup Chaos

The past couple of weeks have been exciting.  I’ve never watched the World Cup before, let alone any fútbol (soccer for us Americano’s).  I have to be honest here, this game can be pretty exciting.  Now there were also a couple boring games in the beginning but all in all they can be packed with excitement.  It was pretty intense watching the game between Ghana and Uruguay.  Nothing like penalty kicks at the end to get your blood boiling.  The World Cup isn’t with out it’s drama as well.  Especially when you have players faking injuries every 5 minutes.  It can actually get pretty funny watching them try to persuade a yellow card out of the referee.

My wife and I were cheering for separate teams.  Her for Brazil and USA for myself.  Both teams unfortunately have been eliminated though.  Brazil is by far the favorite to win most World Cups as they have won a total of 5 overall.  The US has yet to win one, but one can only dream.  We’ve been watching the games throughout the past couple of weeks with the final coming up this Sunday on the 11th.  There is a lot to learn about soccer and as I’m watching I’m picking up tidbits here and there.  One thing I can’t seem to get is the offsides call they keep screaming about.  All I can tell is that a player is somehow behind the goalie so it’s offsides?  Not to sure.

The World Cup comes up every four years and it’s a huge honor for the hosting countries.  This year of course as you know it is in South Africa, but next World Cup, and this is exciting, is going to be in Brazil.  My wife has already called out the fact that we’re going to go there live and watch it.  Now that should be an exciting game.  Hopefully there won’t be any vuvuzela’s.  It’s only about the most annoying sound any horn can make.  And it’s super loud on the TV.  Sounds like a bunch of bees taking over the soccer game.

It will be sad to see this World Cup over in a few days.  One things for sure though, my household has now become a World Cup friendly place.  We’ll for sure have it on every four years.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

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