Resolution Breakthrough

You know how every January 1st you sit down and write out all your resolutions for the coming year?  What?  You don’t do that?  Well I didn’t used to but this year I did and I have to say that I’m pretty happy about it.  My wife was always trying to get me to do it every year saying how writing our resolutions down makes us accountable for them.  I never realized that.  When I wrote out my resolutions this year it allowed me to visualize the task like it was something to be conquered.  Talking about goals and ideas only gets you so far but when you write them down it’s a whole new story.  Now it’s there for everyone to see, more importantly yourself.  It gives you something to hold on to.  Written words are ownership.  You can’t hide what you wrote from yourself or others.  When I read something I wrote down and haven’t accomplished yet it gives me a moment to refocus myself to that goal.

Half the year has slipped by now and as I go over my current list I can see I’ve knocked it in half.  On the 4th of June I accomplished #6 on my list which was to ride with the B group.  On Saturdays there is a local club here in San Diego called SDBC.  I touched on the subject here, (Local Group Rides).  What I didn’t talk about in that post was the fact that there are two other groups higher than the D (developmental) group which are the A and B group.  There is no C group, not sure why so don’t ask cause I don’t know.  Anyway, the A group consists of local racers and off season pro riders who are living in San Diego or maybe just passing through.  Not my group by a long shot.  Well that leaves the B group.  This group is everyone caught in between the A group (really, really fast guys) to the D-1 group (guys who think they are fast but quickly realize they are not or don’t have good group riding skills).  Not sure what came over me really.  I was waiting there for the ride to start and I heard a couple of guys talking about transitioning over to the B-group and I just thought, why not?  The group was massive that day.  There were easily 40 guys on the ride which allowed me to find a nice comfortable spot in the group to hide from the wind.  No joke, these guys are fast and when I say guys I mean cyclists because there were also quite a few road betties in the group as well and they were not to be thought of as “just a girl”.  They put the hammer down and were well deserved to be in that group.  As a whole I think the group knew that there were a few “newcomers” mixed in and wanted to put the screws to us.  All in all it was a great ride.  Hard, but well enjoyed.

I’m glad I made the jump across to the B-group.  If I had never tried then I would have never known how well I would have done.  Will I stay with them forever and not ride in the D-1’s?  Probably not.  On days where I don’t feel so strong I know that I can ride in the D-group and still kick some ass and put up a good fight.  When I feel good, then I’ll take a whack at the B-group.  My conditioning is improving and I’m glad to still see results.  I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks that more mileage on the bike doesn’t necessarily mean good results in your training.  What’s important is “good” mileage.  Meaning good climbs and good training rides, not just spinning the cranks.

As I step back from this B-group experience I bring with me a great lesson I learned.  I was a “hater” when it came to goals and writing them down.  Always thought it was a waste of time.  Well as they say, “Proof is in the pudding.” Nothing felt better then driving home from the B-group ride, walking upstairs to the fridge and checking off that goal on my list.  I might not achieve everything on my list this year and that’s OK.  At least I know that this list I wrote is mine and the checks I make on them were from my own doing.  I get a great sense of pride and accomplishment from that.  Hey it’s the little things you know?  What’s on your list this year?  Have you knocked any achievements out of the park?

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

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