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So I’m sitting at my trusty Mac last night playing with different themes on my blog when all of a sudden BAM! WordPress goes offline.  Seriously the entire site went down and over 200,000 (just read 10 million) bloggers went offline from WordPress.  I wasn’t worried about not being able to blog because as you can see I haven’t posted anything in a week anyway.  What I was worried about was losing all the posts I put up and wondering if I should take it upon myself to back those up some how? At any rate I’m back typing away and by the looks of things here I’m obviously making some changes.  I was getting a little bored of the old theme and was also getting some complaints regarding the small print (complaints, I know right? Like who does that?)

I like this particular theme as it adds a bit of grungieness (my own word) to the site.  It still has bugs though as WordPress hasn’t restored all of the tools back so my new site is missing some things for now.  Even with this past bug in the system I do enjoy blogging and playing around with my site.  It’s fun to come up with new content and tell about my tales and different experiences.  Wordpress is pretty cool too with regards to STATS.  I can pop on my page and see how many hits it got for any particular day (yeah I know who cares?) well I do dang it.  Blogging allows me to tell my story regardless of how insignificant it is to others because as a reader if you don’t like my content or think it’s boring, well guess what?  Take a hike.  Browse on to the next page.  Click another site, no one wants you here anyway. Just kidding, we love you here, please stay, no really stay.  To be honest though I have a pretty normal life so the problem for me is coming up with fresh new content to write about.  It’s not easy you know.  What I might think is entertaining or interesting could be considered boring and mundane to others.  I try my best to always provide funny and witty stories (Bitchy Neighbor) but of course sometimes I fail and those posts are usually marked by 0 comments.

By now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with cycling or the bike.  Well I never promised all postings would be about the bike.  This site is really just a simple cyclists take on my own little world.  Kind of like my own little artistic release, hmm that sounded a little nasty huh?  I’ve always enjoyed writing even though I’ve never been very good at it. Back in the day I actually thought about becoming a journalist.  I even took Journalism.  Unfortunately that was one of the classes I ditched a lot in high school and ended up failing, sorry Mom.  She always asked me why all of my classes had different attendance numbers showing and I always said it was a computer glitch.  Moms, got to love ’em.  Who knows where I’d be today if I actually stuck around in that class and learned something.  This is getting boring.  I think I’ll do research on my beginnings as a cyclist on the next post.  Should be a lot more interesting.  Feel free to criticize me below.  Also post any suggestions or ideas for my blogs, as in what I can write about and whether you like the new theme.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

7 thoughts on “Blog Play

  1. I wasnt complaining…I was simply stating that I’m blind in one eye, and cant see out the other………. 🙂

  2. I would never criticize you son.
    You have done a wonderful job with your life so far and I can only see it getting better.
    Even if you did lie to me about your attendance. That’s pretty funny stuff looking back.
    I love you and keep up the good work writing. I love it!

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