And So It Shall be Summer

Exciting times are coming. Memorial Day is my unofficial start to summer which in turn brings longer days.  Longer days equal longer rides. With summer comes new territories to search out down roads as far as the eye can see. For me this summer will bring climbing and lots of it. I have goals mind you, of reaching as far as the road can take me. Feeling the burn in my lungs and in my legs as the pain and lactic acid saturates my body is what I’m looking for. Can you feel it?  I can.

Don’t fear the climb, embrace it. Let your body talk to you as it drives you closer to the top.  Your brain might be telling you to stop but your heart is yelling at you “Allons-y, Allons-y!”  Don’t deny it the pleasure it seeks.  Hard pumping blood that you feel in your veins and ear drums pounding to every crank of the pedal. There’s nothing like jumping out of the saddle and climbing up a steep grade.  I can’t do it justice by explaining it.  These things must be felt. There is absolutely nothing like the human body and nothing compares to our engine which drives us everyday.  This summer brings epic rides and strong climbs for me.  What do you have in mind?  The bike sure beats the couch.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


3 thoughts on “And So It Shall be Summer

  1. You mean you won’t be playing PS3 until the wee hours of the summer nights?
    Whatever happened to you man, you sure looked happy in front of the big screen back in December….lol…j/k
    You ride man, ride on and keep the helmet side up.

  2. I anticipate your blogs, as I never know what you’re going to say.
    I see you’re very committed to your ride.
    Have fun with it.
    I love you son.

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