Rolling Along

Bike to work week is going rather well.  You did know it was bike to work week right? You probably also knew that this coming Friday the 21st is actually bike to work day? Since you knew that then you most likely knew that May is actually bike Month. Right?  Right? Well check this site out; Click here yo.  This site is actually pretty cool.  In a nutshell the site will help inform you on different ways to commute to work and school whether that be by bike, public transit, ride sharing, you get the picture.  It also has maps of local bike routes for the “new” commuters.  It’s strictly related to San Diego but I’m sure most large cities have something similar.  On this coming Friday there will also be aid stations throughout San Diego offering snacks and water to help promote safe bike commuting and awareness to drivers.  Really looking forward to seeing how many bikes are out on Friday.

My week is going great.  I chose to use Sunday and Monday as a rest day from this past Saturday’s ride.  I drove to work on Monday bringing in all of my gear and clothing for the week.  Commuting this week is a lot better than when I tried it a few weeks ago.  First off it’s about 10 degrees warmer.  I hate the cold and if I haven’t mentioned it before I’ll say it again, I hate the cold.  So that being said I already have a more positive approach to getting up at 4:45 AM to head out the door by 5:30.  I’m actually chipper about it. Only one issue so far and that is my headlight.  I bought a really nice headlight a few years ago and for some reason it doesn’t fit my new bike.  The diameter of my handlebars is thicker and it seems the bracket won’t fit without some customization.  I’m actually only riding about 10 minutes until the sun comes up, so for now it’s not too bad. After leaving the house and heading west I hit my first and basically only climb after about 20 minutes.  That of course would be the 52 west bound out of Santee.  I love the fact that there is a bike lane with concrete partitions (see picture below) on a freeway. It’s quite an experience riding next to cars doing 80-90 mph.  I do feel safer though riding there rather than Mission Gorge in the morning where I am not protected from the vehicles.  After the climb all that’s left is a couple of rollers through Tierrasanta and Kearny Mesa and I’m at work.  The ride home is beautiful and warm with the sun at my back the whole way.  It takes me about 55 minutes each way which is just enough time to get warmed up and I tally about 31 miles for the day.  It’s funny because that’s only twice as long as my normal drive in my car which is about 25 minutes.  Benefit is I don’t have to sit in traffic and I get to enjoy the outdoors while getting in a great workout.

Top of Highway 52, 881 Ft.

Here’s a couple of shots at the top of the 52 yesterday. I love cresting over the top of this hill and being able to see down in to Santee.  The surrounding east county mountains really stand out when the skies are blue like this.  I will definitely keep this up for the week.  Other than a little inconvenience I really don’t have any excuses not to.  Perfect weather, great bike, supportive wife, all of these things are only fueling me to keep going.  I really have it good and trust me, I realize it.

Chasing Shadows

I hope that some of you can get out this week and see what it’s like.  Just jump on a bike after work if need be.  When was the last time you even touched a bike? I’m telling you now that your body will thank you for it.  Don’t use bad weather or no time as an excuse because there is plenty of sunshine and plenty of time for a stroll around your neighborhood.  C’mon, do it.  The road is calling and I’m answering.  Are you?

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


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