Thank You Sir, May I have Another?

Cycling can open up a whole new world to you.  There’s not a ride that goes by where I don’t appreciate the time I’ve spent spinning the cranks.  This weekend was no different as I ventured out through some new and old territory on Saturday for a well proportioned ride that left me sore yet satisfied.  Hitting Bandy Canyon was the goal.  A climb I’ve never heard of out east past the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  55 miles would pass before hitting Bandy Canyon traveling over Del Dios and past a dam I didn’t even know existed here in San Diego.  It’s truly amazing when you travel by bike through this city that within a few miles you can feel as if you’re not even in San Diego anymore.

Passing by Del Dios Dam

I traveled through views of rivers to mountains and even some farmland.  Though the scenery was awesome and the traffic was minimal the only complaint I have is simply the lack of a shoulder on the majority of the east county portion of this ride.  It’s to be expected though as some of these roads have been around for some time well before new traffic laws have been put in place requiring bicycle lanes to be added.  As I said though the traffic was minimal and I was riding with a buddy so the danger is always lowered.  To our surprise the only horn honking we received was actually from a pair of motorcycles with two lanes to themselves to pass us.  Go figure.

I would have to say by far this was the most influential ride I’ve been on.  What I mean by this is that this ride has actually confirmed my love of riding even more.  Riding out so far and away from everything and just realizing to yourself that you have to get back under your own power is, well……amazing.  Training rides throughout the week are great and they are necessary to keep our legs in shape but there is nothing like a long painful ride to remind yourself of why it is you do these training rides to begin with.

Bandy Canyon Before the Climb

The weather was perfect on Saturday.  We were a little worried in the morning as the temperature was sitting at 59 degrees but typical to Southern Cali it warmed up nicely to a mild 68 and stayed perfect the rest of the day.  Though I could have done without the painful headwind on the way back 😉  The ride ended going back down the 56 and up Torrey Pines and finally to the top of Soledad.  And just a tip to other cyclists out there: try not to have a riding buddy who lives on TOP of a mountain.  It’s always nice to end a long ride going down hill not up.  An amazing burger and 2 cervezas were waiting at the completion of this ride and I couldn’t have wanted them more.  Included below are some more pics of the days ride.  89 miles total with about 7000 feet of elevation.

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

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8 thoughts on “Thank You Sir, May I have Another?

  1. 89 miles..Wow son! You must have been tired when you finished that ride.
    I’m so proud of you for making the commitment to ride like that.
    I can only imagine how beautiful things are.
    Keep up the good work.
    What does the saying mean that you put at the end of every post?

  2. Could have ridden by our house for a snack OR to help with yard work 🙂 Just kidding! Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

    1. Totally did ride right by your house. Where the Pei-Mei is (I think it’s called)? Nice roads out there. Counting down the days till some 8 ball action!!

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