Aspiration Overload

I began to do research today regarding one of my “possible” next fitness goals.  I’m still in shock by the way and all I can say is wow there is a serious amount of information about triathlons.  You’ve got your sprint triathlons, half triathlons, duathlons, standard triathlons and of course the mecca, Kona Triathlon.  Not only are there a ton of events but there is just way too much info to decipher regarding training plans and regiments. It’s going to take a while to weed through all of this just to determine if it’s something I’m interested in accomplishing.

A buddy of mine Art Hagopian (his blog is here), relayed to me the difficulties regarding a Triathlon.  It’s not just the event itself that’s difficult, it’s also the months and months of training that’s involved in preparation for such an event.  As he stated “You can’t just wake up and decide to do a Triathlon”, I thought to myself, well sure you can decide to do it, accomplishing it is another thing!  See he has a couple Triathlons under his belt and a lot of cycling, and as you can see from his blog he is super motivational (kind of like a mini Tony Robbins).  He’s never failed to motivate, even though kicking your ass up a hill for some is not motivational, just humbling but I digress.

It’s not that I lack motivation.  It is constantly surrounding me.  I’ve got my number one fan in my corner, which is of course my wife Tati.  She is always supportive of my adventures even though she has a huge fear of me getting hurt.  Could it have something to do with rescuing me on the Gran Fondo?  Nah.  We also have some friends of ours who just completed a half marathon, Angie & Scott. (Angie’s blog is here)  That’s an awesome goal guys which I have added to my list.  Even my sister Denise and her hubby Walt have ran a half marathon together.

The people in my life truly effect my decisions and what I choose or don’t choose to do fitness wise.  It’s all about who you choose to surround yourself with.  I want to live a healthy lifestyle and be here for as long as I can.  If that means putting myself through the ringer until I “feel” like dying then so be it.  But that statement would fall on deaf ears if I didn’t have people in my life who understood what that meant and how that sacrifice of pain feels when you reach your goals.  I’m learning as I get older that the more positive people you have involved in your daily routine, the more positive you’ll be when attempting just about anything.

Dang did I rant a little there?  All I’m saying is that staying positive is important and I will lean on my friends and family for support because I know above all they will always be there for me.  As I close out today’s blog I leave you with a question to ponder.  Who in your life do you lean on?  Who’s there for you when you need to make these difficult choices?  OK that’s two questions but you get the idea.  Leave your comments below while I go and lean on my wife for some guidance. 🙂

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

5 thoughts on “Aspiration Overload

  1. Why don’t you start off with a sprint? It is a shorter distance & will break you into the whole triathlon goal a little bit at a time. Just think, you didn’t wake up one day & decide to ride 50 miles — right? So start training little by little & work your way up to the sprint & before you know it you’ll be able to do a full triathlon. The key is not to over-think it. Just do it — one step at a time. Luv ya’ bro!!

  2. Sure you CAN get up one day and decide to be or do whatever you want, that is half way to acomplishing it, not sure how you can be motivated by saying otherwise.
    Just do it! (nope, not getting any $$ from Nike here…)

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