Commute Fail

To say I actually failed at commuting to work is probably going a little far.  I did commute successfully for two days.  Sitting on what should be my fourth day of commuting though, I am happy to have driven to work.  I did love riding to and from work, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just the hassle of it all to be honest.

First off having to make a trip on Sunday to bring my clothes in was a pain.  I had to make sure I had all the clothes I needed and if I forgot anything or wanted to wear something I brought in to work at home then I was screwed.  I also had to live without my laptop in the evenings as I left it at work.  How would I blog?  The hardest part of it was being organized enough to remember everything that I would need for the week.  If I forgot something as simple as the electronic key card for work at home when I left, it’s not like I could just turn around and go back.  It’s not the riding that’s turning me off about commuting.  It really is all the work that goes into it just to be able to ride.  I’ve never had to carefully pack my lunch in such detail as not to crush it in my backpack.  Let alone worrying about my sweat leaking through the backpack and maybe getting on my sandwich, ewwwww.

I think there’s also a difference in knowing I have a car to use as well.  I remember when I had a motorcycle and no car.  It was often a hassle to ride everywhere and I don’t think I ever enjoyed it as much as I should have.  I think that if all I had was my bike, then it would merely become a mode of transportation.  Which of course it is but it is enjoyed much more then that at the moment.  It’s freedom from the world, work, stress, everything.  The bike is not just two wheels I’m using just to get to work.  Does that make sense?

Not to make lame excuses but I also believe that this week was a little difficult to start riding as I ended up moving two offices around at work (part of my other duties as an IT guy).  I almost called the wife for a pickup being so tired on Tuesday.  I sucked it up though and rode home, then immediately made up my mind to drive into work the next day, lame.  I have to give props to the serious commuters out there though.  There are some people that ride all year everyday to work even in bad conditions like snow and rain.  That’s serious dedication.  I’m not saying I couldn’t do it.  I’m simply saying that I don’t want to 🙂  I’ll leave the everyday commuting to the extremists and I’ll do my part every couple of weeks or so.  That way I will always “Love” riding and never get bored or deem it a negative activity.  What do you think?  Did I quit too soon?

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”


4 thoughts on “Commute Fail

  1. If you tried and it just didn’t work for you, then you did not quit too soon. It sounds like it would be a BIG hassle to try and remember everything you need for the week.
    I’m proud of you no matter what.
    I love you.

  2. You’ll never succeed if you dont LOVE it….you can’t fail at something you dont LOVE doing…I’m proud of you that you even tried….sorry I dont comment anymore, but I can’t hardly read your blog since you changed it…it’s really, really tiny…for me anyways…love you the most bro!

  3. I think you did a hell of a lot more than most people would. Good job. Don’t know what you can do until you try! Love you!

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