Month of May

So May is here.  I started my “project” today of commuting to work by bike.  At first I felt a little overwhelmed.  To help with the load I would have to carry on my back I made a trip by car on Sunday to work.  I brought in a weeks worth of clothes, the empty tape case and anything else I could think of that I would need.  That left me with just the backup tapes for work that I would have to carry in.  I changed the plan a little bit.  I feel most efficient on my road bike versus my Mt. bike and just decided that it would be best to make one trip a week in with the car to transport all of the essentials I would need.

So I packed the tapes, spare tubes, some tools, the days snacks and other items such as cell phone, keys, etc.  Wasn’t as heavy as I thought, in the beginning before I started riding, but as soon as I got to work I weighed the bag and it was a total of 16 pounds!  I could really feel the weight on the way in, especially on the couple of climbs I had to drag my butt over.  I still held a decent  average though completing the 16 mile one way trip in exactly one hour.

As far as lunch goes I could only fit in a couple of snacks as my bag wasn’t big enough to stuff anything else in it, bummer.  Good news is though, my boss said he would be responsible for the tapes if I wanted to commute by bike.  No more weight and free space for lunch! He’s a cyclist no doubt and can appreciate commuting as any normal person wouldn’t volunteer to carry two cases at 16-20 pounds a piece everyday. He has his own tapes to carry as well. Apparently after telling him I rode in with the tapes this morning he gave me a bit of an ass chewing, stating it is extremely irresponsible and that I could lose a tape in a crash.  He’s right and I never thought about it to be honest.

It felt good riding in this morning even if it was 48 degrees.  5:30 AM is damn early, sheesh.  After about 20 minutes the sun creeped up while I was climbing so I heated up nicely.  On the descent on highway 52 I would hit pockets of chilly air every few seconds as I was fast approaching the 40 mph mark.  It sent chills down my spine as I was already soaked from the climb and this damn 16 pound pack on my back.  It was definitely worth it though.  I can’t explain the feeling riding in to work under my own power and seeing all these cars on the road.  I feel good about this.  My small contribution to our environment and my overall health.  Consider day one in the bag as the ride home will be longer and more enjoyable with out the extra weight.  This is doable.  See you on the road.

“Mantenha o lado de borracha para baixo”


2 thoughts on “Month of May

  1. Great job my bro — you are setting an awesome example! Loving that this is on facebook now, by the way! SMOOCHES!!

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