Arizona Re-Do

In my last post I mentioned my friend’s child that went missing in Arizona, Missing Child. Well that friend Art happens to be my high school buddy who lives out in Phoenix who my wife and I were going to go and visit this weekend.  As you can assume his world is turned upside down at the moment.  Which puts our trip on pause for a while.  His situation hasn’t changed.  His ex-wife took off some time last Thursday the 22nd with Alyssa leaving her 17 yr old son, her mother and her cell phone behind.  They were both questioned but the only response given was “She left the state to look for work”.  No news on where she went or really why she left everything behind.  The police are currently putting a warrant together for her arrest as we speak.

I feel terrible for Art.  He has no idea where his daughter is and is struggling for answers.  I don’t have children so I could only imagine the pain and the helplessness he is feeling.  It’s been a week with no answers.  The actual only news we’ve gotten is that she, the mother, has deleted her Facebook account sometime in the middle of the week.  Doesn’t look like she wants to be found.  Which is unfortunate for her because now she will be facing some serious criminal charges and she will most likely lose all custody of Alyssa, Arts daughter.

I know these last two postings aren’t my typical blogs regarding cycling and all but I also use this forum to get my own feelings and gripes out.  Not just related to cycling but also my daily balance as well.  In regards to the last post I appreciate everyone’s re-tweet on Twitter and all the responses on FaceBook.  I’m posting the information again regarding Alyssa being found in a link at the bottom of this page.  Thanks again for reading.

Lets Find Alyssa PDF


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