Detox Sunday

Detox, detox, detox.  After the eventful evening on Saturday, we’ll just leave it at that, needless to say Sunday was a bit painful to attempt a ride.  Headache and all I headed out at about 10:20 in the morning.  That was about as early as I could muster.  I wasn’t feeling too bad honestly until I actually attempted to head out.  I felt like every little bump I hit I was knocking my brain around inside my skull.  After about 45 minutes or so it subsided and I was able to get in a great ride out to Ocean Beach.  On the way back I ran into another cyclist, not literally, and we chatted for a few miles.  He started philosophizing about his rides on Sunday and how he uses it as a detox day and he thinks of all the problems and issues coming up throughout the next week.  Seemed like a cool dude but all I could think about was the hurt he was putting on me as we were going up the Mission Gorge climb near Mission Trails.  Bastard kept it at 11 mph and my legs were screaming.  As a cyclist you would know that you can’t let someone pass you on a climb.  Or at least kill yourself trying to keep up.  Even though I was hurting, and he was not, he ended up taking a shortcut and avoided the second climb.  Of course I couldn’t do that and suffered through the climb.  Maybe in some small way showing him that I was just saving my energy.  Ha, I kill me.

It’s amazing how one week off the bike, not by choice, can really slow down your progress.  I was afraid that by not getting my miles in I would be going backwards in my fitness progress.  In reality I should have sucked on Sunday but throughout this past week I’ve been running with the wife almost every day and I think it kept me up to par.  All in all the weekend turned out pretty good not including the never ending flow of beer consumed on Saturday and I’m looking forward to a getting in a couple training rides this week as we pack up for our trip this Thursday.  From this day forth, Sunday is now considered detox Sunday.

“manter o lado de borracha para baixo”


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