Mother Nature

This weekend looks promising.  This past week has been tortuous on my riding schedule. I’ve been covering solo at work which means working until 5:30 PM and also dealing with this weird storm that creeped in to San Diego.  It looks real good for tomorrow to actually sneak in a ride but alas errands are the priority due to the Phoenix trip this coming Thursday.  Add to that a friends b-day party tomorrow evening and my Saturday is done.  It has now been 1 week and a day since I’ve even touched my bike.  Sunday will have to be the day for me, not my usual day but will make it work (sorry wife).  I’m excited for next week for a few reasons.  Why you ask? Well I just assumed you were asking.

  • I’ll be back on my normal schedule leaving me enough time for a lengthy ride after work.
  • It’s a short week due to our road trip to Phoenix.
  • I think I somehow got approval to bring my bike along on our trip (My wife said something to the fact that riding more places would give me more topics to blog about)  I love that excuse to ride!!

We’ll see how I do the next couple days as I heard there might be yet another storm coming through SoCal.  Got to love Mother Nature.  Always seems to put the rain on your shoulders and the wind in your face, both directions.

“Mantenha o lado de borracha para baixo”


One thought on “Mother Nature

  1. I certainly hope you get your ride in this weekend Tony.
    I know how hard it is to make time for yourself.
    I love you & keep blogging.

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