Such a drab blog title, no?  It’s a bold statement though.  When I was young and dumb I never thought about how the things I said or did would affect me later on in life.  I can look back on my life right now and honestly say I don’t have any regrets except one. At the moment at least, give me time to still make some serious mistakes 🙂

That one regret isn’t huge to most.  Shoot it doesn’t even matter to the greater population.  My one major regret so far is that I didn’t start riding my bike earlier in my life.  I’m not talking about when I was a kid but more as an adult.  I grew out of my bike as most adults do going on to pollute our fabulous planet by spewing out CO2 and consuming fossil fuels.  Repercussions.  At the time I never thought my little 1991 Toyota Tercel (first car of many) really had an affect.  Honestly who thought of those things as a kid?  All I cared about was freedom from the parents and being able to go anywhere I wanted.  As long as I was home by 10 and it was still in the city. I almost listened.  Sorry mom.  Now I look back though and think, why didn’t I ride more? It could have something to do with trying to date on a bike, just doesn’t work out.

All joking aside I really do wish I involved more cycling in my life when I was younger.  I personally don’t think it was as popular then as it is now though.  You can probably thank all the Americans involved in pro cycling for that.  Lemond and Armstrong at the top of that list.  I can remember when I got my first 10 speed.  The down tube shifters were amazing.  I’m still glad they’ve upgraded those.  I couldn’t even fathom reaching down to change gears now.  That bike was taken from me by a couple of hoodlums outside a convenience store in Wilmington, CA.  Don’t ever live there by the way.  Not happy times. Tears flowed as I walked the 2 miles home trying to come up with a really good story to tell my mom.  Needless to say I was bike less for a while.

If I would have only stuck with riding throughout my life I can only imagine how strong I’d be today.  My choices to give up something I enjoyed as a kid haven’t really affected my life that much (few extra pounds here and there).  Mostly I use the choice as a crutch or an excuse as to why I’m not as strong as I want to be.  Or I can always fake a mechanical, damn chain keeps falling off.

All I want to do is ride now.  Not even just ride but anything to do with a bike is good enough for me.  Can’t seem to get my fill of it.  I can even sit at the computer for hours on a rainy day reading cycling blogs.  Hmm, it is raining outside.  Sounds like a good excuse to me.  Damn though, repercussions.

“Mantenha o lado de borracha para baixo”


5 thoughts on “Repercussions

  1. I feel the same way. I didn’t get my first road bike until I was 20 but only road it sparingly over the next 15 years until it finally gave up the ghost last year. It had down tube shifters (totally love STI now though). It’s easy to think about what you would have done differently, and I do that a lot, but also look at what you know now so you can use your experience to do what you want later.

    1. Bryan,

      Like your blog. Going to add it to my feed. I was born in Florida and moved back to San Diego 4 years ago. A few back and forth’s, long story. Miami is an absolutely terrible place to ride, so I hope you aren’t going there!!

      1. Thanks. I also added yours to my Google Reader account. Totally understand about Miami. It’s crazy down there. I live in Jacksonville which is almost into Georgia. It’s not near as crazy there.

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