Phoenix Bound


Being way out west here in San Diego definitely has it’s advantages.  Beach, weather, scenery.  The worst disadvantage so far for my family is that we’re literally all the way west and my family & friends are spread towards the east.  Bonus though, that leaves us with some great road trip options which in my humble opinion my wife and I do not take advantage of enough.

So in a couple weeks, thats 2 to be exact :), we will jump in the car, grab the dog and the bike, not necessarily in that order and head out to see my best friend Art in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s been a long time coming and I have to be honest that I haven’t been a very good friend as far as staying in contact and visiting goes.  Maybe in the back of my mind I know that my friendship really isn’t affected by this.  See it’s hard to put it in words but Art has been a good friend for years now. When I say years we’re talking 16-17 of those bad boys.  Sheeesh, I’m getting old.  We both survived high school, the Air Force and some rough relationships and have now settled down and each found the right girl, about time.  It’s difficult being far from friends.  Don’t get me wrong, you make new friends throughout life but the tried and true friendships last a lifetime.  I am extremely lucky in this area because I have a couple of really good friends that I know will go the distance no matter what crap gets in the way.

I’m going to try to sneak in a bike ride in Phoenix, shhhhh don’t tell the wife.  Going to try and hide the bike in the car.  We’ll see how that works out.  I used to live in Phoenix back in the day but I wasn’t involved in cycling then.  It’s too bad really as I can use the investment I would have in my legs now!  I’m currently checking maps and different websites trying to find a good route.  I’ve haven’t traveled with the bike and tried to squeeze in a ride before.  I’ve never been that dedicated.  I’m super inspired now and just want to experience as much as I can.  Whether that’s meeting other avid cyclists or finding new mountains to peak.  Other plans for the trip include a definite BBQ followed by relaxing, reflecting, some good conversation and maybe even a few beers thrown in there.  Just heard a possible camping trip might open up as well.  This could get interesting.  Really looking forward to the trip as I stated earlier we do not do this enough.  Till next time….

“Mantenha o lado de borracha para baixo”

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