Great Western Loop

Wow, what a killer weekend! Sunday was epic for me. Muito Muito climbing. Roughly 4300 Ft. of climbing within a 47 mile loop. Started the morning off leaving my home in Santee with a neighbor of mine Dean. We met a new group I found on out in El Cajon. It was a nice mix of cyclists with a few hammerheads and a couple of newbies. The route we took is called The Great Western Loop. We started as a group with about 10 riders but got majorly split at the beginning of the climb. Dean and I took off at the base of the climb and pretty much didn’t see anyone else until the top except for one other group member. Can you believe I got trumped by a 63 year old? He was very strong (even though he tried to play the “I’m tired” card) HA, yeah right. I never realized the beautiful countryside we have out in the east county. Just a stones throw away from San Diego and you get gorgeous rolling hills, green pastures, not to mention the animals on all the farmland. Definitely an experience I recommend to all cyclists. The Great Western loop was difficult and I wouldn’t suggest it for a beginner but with a little bit of miles in your legs it can be enjoyed by all. I will, without a doubt, be adding this to my catalogue of available rides in San Diego.

All in all the total ride for Dean and I ended without any issues at a total of 64 miles. My week ended at 161 miles counting the Western Loop. Needless to say my legs are killing me and today will consist of absolutely no exercise. Here is my mileage breakdown for last week.

Tues. 6th 22 miles from work to Dog beach

Wed. 7th 35 miles from work to Soledad

Sat. 10th 40 miles from Santee to Dog Beach

Sun. 11th 64 miles from Santee through Great Western Loop

161 Miles for the week. Tired just writing about it, sheesh.

“Mantenha o lado de borracha para baixo”


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