Summer Time

I’m so glad the time has finally changed.  I cannot stand the “fall back” time of year.  I love having this extra time in the afternoon to get my bike out and just ride.  Now that I’m off at 3:30 everyday it even gives me more time to add those extra miles before the sun finally closes up shop for the day.

I know it’s not officially summer, but for me there are really only two seasons in the year.  That would be summer & winter.  There is hardly an in between in San Diego, at least when it comes to being able to get out and ride.

Yesterday’s ride was great.  I rode from Kearny Mesa out to Dog Beach in OB.  Then turned back towards work and headed up Mission Center Drive.  Nice easy 22 for Tuesday with still an hour and fifteen minutes to spare for a longer ride. Today I’ll creep up to Soledad Mt. and take in another 27 miles.  You just can’t pass up a ride in this kind of weather.  It should be considered a sin.  There is definitely something spiritual about being out on the bike and feeling the sun and wind hitting you for hours on end.  It’s just awesome to know that I can travel all over the city under my own power without having to rely on anything other than my legs to keep traveling in a circular motion.

Looking forward to the weekend and possibly meeting up with a new cycling group.  Also trying to work in a buddy ride with a neighbor of mine who is riding in the Tour de Cure.  Will let you know how it pans out.


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