Local Group Rides

San Diego is one of the best cities I’ve seen that supports cyclists.  It’s a very bike friendly city.  Sure there are roads and places you run into that aren’t very welcoming to a roadie but in all I would have to give a big thumbs up for SD.  What I’ve also noticed is quite a few local cycling clubs here as well.  This is due in part to the great year round weather we have here.  It only goes to show that there would be a large amount of clubs here with the vast amount of cyclists on the road.

One of the clubs that I’ve rode with quite a bit is SDBC (San Diego Bicycle Club).  They’re a Non-profit group that actually prepares riders for entry level races but also provides great developmental riding as well.  They provide a weekly ride on Sat. and Sun. to help develop riding skills within a peloton (group).  They break down the groups by your personal skill level.  You choose what skill level you’re in and decide where to put yourself.  They have 5 development groups before you jump up to the “race” ready groups.  A good place to start is D-3 which is right in the middle (D stands for development).  The D-3 ride lasts about 36 miles and rides through Sorrento Valley and ends up coming up Torrey Pines back to the start in La Jolla.  It’s a nice beginners ride.  The last time I rode with them which was back in Sep 09 I was in the D-1 group which is basically the same route as the D-3’s but you add an extra 10 miles and up the tempo.

I’ve missed riding in a group.  The thrill of the chase.  The fast pace lines.  Being able to draft and of course fighting for position.  It can be a little more dangerous at times though.  You sometimes have inexperienced riders mixed in and it can cause you to be on your toes a bit more.  A little nerve racking.  I’ve only witnessed one crash and it was completely one persons fault due to not paying attention on a turn and he flipped up over the curb.  He bounced fine though!  I’m going to add in an SDBC ride this weekend, maybe see where I land in the D-1’s.  Hopefully this year I can attempt jumping up to the B group.  All I can say is fast, real fast.

“Clown Falls Hurt”


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