Pain Locker

Beach in Del Mar

Saturday was an interesting day.  I started off my day with a strong tail wind heading out west towards the ocean.  It was a gorgeous day.  No need for sleeves or any cold weather gear (not that I have any).  I slathered on a nice coat of sunblock and headed out the door at 10 A.M. to find a sunny cloudless sky.  Can a cyclist ask for anything more?

There were a lot of other cycling peeps out with the same idea as me.  I saw the Cyclo-Vets and the SDBC group out on the road.  They are local cycling clubs here in SD.  I miss riding with the SDBC group.  I miss being able to draft off someone else’s wheel.  As I kept moving on I got to the day’s turnaround point.  I was feeling pretty good at this point sitting at mile 34 with a couple snacks in my belly.

For some reason the return trip was bad for me.  I felt sluggish and weak and couldn’t quite figure out why.  I ate very well during the week and even got in a couple of after work rides.  On this day though, I seriously hit the wall and was in pain almost all the way back home.  I find it odd that on one day I can feel strong and have no issues, and on another hit a wall of serious “hurt” and feel like I want to die.  I’m hoping that as I ride more often I’ll be able to understand more about what’s going on with my body and why I react differently on a given ride.  All in all a great weekend came and went and I’m looking forward to the next.

Saturdays Ride:

65 mile loop from Santee to Del mar (DONE)

Thursdays Ride:

27 mile loop from Work to Soledad (DONE)

Tuesdays Ride:

16 Mile loop from Work through Mission Valley (DONE)

Total miles for last week 108


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