Sound of Music

Todays posting is in regards to a new tool I’m using to keep up with my training.  The tool itself isn’t new, just new to me.  I threw on my iPod while riding a few weeks ago and I can tell you that it has improved my riding abilities.

I rotate between Pandora and my music on iTunes.  Pandora is an online radio station where you can customize the music genre you want to listen to.  I enjoy fast music when I’m working out, typically Trance.  The fast beats really get me motivated and keeps my concentration on riding.  What I try to do is keep my cadence moving with the beat.  I’ve noticed that my overall mph average has jumped from 15 to 17 mph.  That may not seem like a lot to you but I can sure feel it.

There is some controversy out there regarding listening to music while riding.  There are those that will contest it and tell you it is unsafe.  I was one of those types.  For years I have seen people with earbuds and thought that they were doing something stupid because they couldn’t hear traffic or horns or just about anything.  Now that I’ve tried it out I can honestly say you can still hear very well and also enjoy your tunes.  Plus the wind is so loud at times you can’t hear anything anyways regardless if there are headphones in your ears or not.

Recently I ran across a few Nike albums on iTunes that look promising.  Basically athletes will pick songs they enjoy listening to and iTunes groups them together in an album.  It’s hit and miss of course depending on your music tastes.  I think it’s important to keep finding tools and different things that keep me excited about the hobbies I’m in to.  This is just one more tool in my bag.


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