Trails Anyone?

Living in San Diego definitely has its benefits.  One of the best in my opinion, which I do not take advantage of enough is the use of the state parks.  Of course when I’m talking about the parks it comes down to two things; Mountain biking and hiking.  I have recently gone hiking quite a bit in the past year.  Living so close to Mission Trails has been great.  The one thing I haven’t done in a long time (I’m talking 8 years) is Mountain Bike.

It pains me greatly when I drive home everyday and hit the clicker for the garage door only to see my full suspension GT iDrive hanging on the bike rack full of dust, tires flat, just basically looking pathetic.  I know, how terrible of me right?  Let me tell you, eight years went by fast.  I can still remember flying through the trails in Rose Canyon, feeling the rush when I’m screaming downhill and not knowing what jump or drop is coming around the corner.  Of course, also feeling the burn of the climbs.  I’ve always felt less proficient at climbing on the Mt bike.  It’s probably due to the fact that it’s full suspension and also the lack of clip in shoes.  I can’t deny the fun I’ve had though.  It really is a blast.  It is a big difference compared to riding on the road.  When it comes to safety on the road my brain is engaged with traffic, road conditions and other riders.  There really is a lot going on.  When I’m on a trail all I have to worry about is not crashing and the occasional rider I might see out there.  You might be thinking that worrying about “not crashing” is a lot, not really.  Once the bike handling skills are intact it’s not something that comes into my mind unless I reach something that is beyond my riding limitations, like a large jump or a big drop off.

I’ve got to get out on my Mt bike though.  This year I cannot make any excuses.  I have way too many opportunities to get out and burn through some single track with Mission Trails being less than 3 miles from my house.  That’s only one location.  There are literally dozens of places throughout San Diego with trails.  So this is a promise to my “other” bike.  “I will take you off that bike rack, dust you off, oil your chain, air up your tires and take you out for a spin.”  See you on the trails….


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