Ride Envy

I can’t live on the bike 24-7.  Or can I?  So there are times when I can’t get a ride in.  We have family visiting this week so we’re being tour guides in our wonderful city.  It’s not often that I actually get to appreciate the city I live in.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely know that San Diego is great for cycling but in regards to being a touristy city I really was unaware of all the things to do here.

Even though I’m not riding this week I am constantly surrounded by bikes throughout the city.  It’s like when you’re driving a new car.  You all of a sudden start seeing that car all the time.  As if that car didn’t exist before you bought it and now all of a sudden everyone owns one.  That’s how I feel about cycling.  No matter what I’m doing whether driving or walking down the road I always notice cyclists.  I’m always checking out their kits or their bikes to compare and appreciate.  Is that normal?  Guess I just love it so much that I appreciate the fact that others love it as well.  My wife has this little joke going that every cyclist we see is somehow my friend or buddy.  “Look baby, there’s one of your friends.” Funny.  I do get envious though when I see someone on the bike when I am not, specifically on a day like today.  It was the perfect weather for a ride, sunny and cool without a cloud in the sky.

Seaport Village was one of our destinations today.  We passed quite a few pedicab drivers all propositioning us for a lift.  I couldn’t help but wonder how well in shape those pedicab drivers must be from pulling around all the people throughout the day who aren’t willing to walk a couple blocks themselves.  There were all different types of drivers, from the older heavier set to young skinny females but none seemed to be in very good shape.  Odd don’t you think considering they’re pulling around 2-3 people, some being over weight which I would have to assume would be there greatest source of income?  Just an observation.

Looks like I will be getting a ride in this weekend anyway.  I was able to convince my wife to let me sneak out a few hours Sunday morning.  I was getting a bit antsy since my last ride was this past Sunday.  Should be a decent ride too as long as there isn’t too much wine consumption in Temecula tomorrow.  Enjoy the weekend.  I know I will.


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