Serious Commitment

Yesterday I came up with this idea.  It’s not the first time the idea has come to pass for me but this time might be different.  I’m thinking about giving up one of the family cars, (we have two) and commuting to work on my bike.  Now I have commuted to work before but it’s different when you know you always have that car just incase you just aren’t in the mood for riding or it’s freezing outside.  OK well maybe not freezing, we do live in So Cal but cold nonetheless.

It is all beneficial to commute by bike.  There are some obvious compromises that need to come in to play but I believe they are tolerable enough to make this happen.  Of course I say that now, prior to starting this.  It is not as easy as just saying I’m going to do it because a lot of the compromises my wife will have to partake in.  For starters, our work schedule is not the same.  She is currently on a normal 8-5 shift.  My shift is from 7-3:30.  Luckily both of our worksites are actually within two miles of each other.  So if there is a day that I don’t want to ride in to work there will basically only be one option.  She will have to drive me in at 7AM and get to her work about 45 minutes early.  That also means less sleep for her.  Trust me when I say this is “danger” territory.  She is a trooper though and has agreed on those days to make the sacrifice.  Then I assume I will have to have my bike with me on those days so I can ride home or I would get the other end of sitting around for almost two hours waiting for her to come and get me.  Seems like a lot to deal with huh?  You’re also probably wondering where the benefits are.  Well I will break them down for you.


  1. For starters if I commute every day throughout the week, that will give me about 200 miles a week on the bike.  I don’t know about you, but I think that is killer mileage and great exercise.
  2. No mileage on a car since I wont have one which means less of a carbon footprint (my attempt to be green).
  3. No car payment and no insurance payment.  This one is huge, big push to use this as an excuse to ride into work.
  4. Less time having to work out at night.  By the time I get home my wife will just be leaving work so I will not have to ride or workout in the evenings.


  1. Freezing my butt off.  I hate the cold, and the first 20 minutes of the ride is a serious bitch.
  2. Getting up earlier and having to leave the house by 5 AM.  Losing sleep just sucks.
  3. It’s dark.  Safety is an issue.  I will need brighter clothing and also make sure my headlight and tail light are always charged.
  4. No errands right after work.  I will have to go straight home and wait for the wife before going anywhere.
  5. Transporting clothing and food.  I will need to carry all my work clothes and lunch & Snacks for the day with me.

Logistically it will be hard at first.  I could always start off slow and only do a couple days a week.  Of course that falls back to having to rely on my wife to take me in early.  Even if I only went one way, say the ride home it would be beneficial to the idea.  The perfect scenario would be my wife’s schedule would be from 7:30 to 4:30.  Or even 7-4.  I think that would just be an excuse for me not to ride though.  This coming October our lease will be up on one of our vehicles and we will have the option to get another car or go ahead with the plan.  I want to try to commit to at least 6 months if possible.  So we’ll see how the summer goes as far as training and where I’m at.  Usually for cyclist the winter months slow down due to training and riding so much in the summer.  No one wants to get burned out on riding and trust me it does happen.  I will keep you updated on how the idea shapes itself in the next few months.

This is my last post until after the Gran Fondo this Sunday.  It is looking like it’s going to be an extremely hard day.  The weather is looking very grim for Sunday.  News stations are stating that it will start raining on Saturday and possibly continue all the way until Monday.  102 miles in the cold rain is difficult for sure.  Shoot just the mileage alone is hard.  Then you add inexperienced riders, slick roads, cold weather, rain in your face and it seems to come down to one idea. “Why did I pay to torture myself?”  Anyway I’m hoping that it clears up and I can have a good ride.  Can’t promise I’ll complete it though.  I made an agreement with my wife regarding bad weather and safety.  If it’s raining too hard I will not ride.  It’s just unsafe and it really does not matter about the money.  My safety is much more important.  Besides there are plenty of rides to go around here in beautiful San Diego.  See you out there.


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