Training Ride

New Cervelo Jersey my wife got for me for riding in the Gran Fondo.

Check out my new jersey!  By far the best one I have ever owned.  My wife got this as a gift for me for riding in the Gran Fondo next weekend.  She has been very supportive of me doing these rides.  I couldn’t ask for a better support group.  Shout out to my wife, Thanks Baby.

This weekend was pretty horrible for a cyclist trying to train for a century ride.  It poured on Saturday non-stop.  That left only Sunday to squeeze in a long ride before the Gran Fondo next weekend.  I kind of messed up on my dates and didn’t realize a couple of weeks ago how close March 7th was coming up.  Before I new it I only had two weeks left and both weekends were plagued with rain. It was my own fault for procrastinating, as I can hear my mom now telling me as a kid to not wait and get it done.  Guess the lesson didn’t stick.

Sunday was brutal needless to say.  There were a lot of cyclists and runners out and about making up for the rainy day on Saturday.  I figured I needed to get in a good long ride before next weekend as I’ve only been doing around 50 miles lately.  So I shot for 70 miles.  I started off great, even though it was a chilly 51 degrees when I left the house.  I left Santee at 9 AM and headed west toward the ocean.  I turned north at Fiesta Island and headed through Mission Bay and then all the way up the coast past Del Mar.  At mile 36 I turned around figuring I’d get at least 70 now.  I made it back home after a total ride time of 4:36, that’s not including breaks or stoplights.  My total time overall was 5 hours.  I completed the Tour de Poway century in 5 hrs 20 minutes ride time.  I’m probably at the same mark as before.  If I add the the extra 30 miles which is about another 1 and 1/2 hrs on top of the 4:36, which would put me at an ugly 6 hours.  You also have to add in to the fact that I will be riding in a group, as long as I can tag along with some one.  That will keep me out of the wind by drafting someone and save about 1/3 the amount of the energy expended riding alone.  Which translates to being able to ride faster and longer.

The 70 miles was tough this past weekend but overall I am satisfied with where I’m at for the upcoming Gran Fondo.  I could be in better shape and I think I will be for the next one as I will not be procrastinating this time.  This week will be pretty slow as far as training goes.  I want to keep my legs fresh for next  Sunday.  I’ll probably try to squeeze in one ride maybe on Friday just to keep my legs good.  Hope to have pics and my time after my ride.  Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.


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