The Trainer

My sweet ass ride setup in the living room on a trainer.

You might be thinking “A trainer, why would a cyclist need a trainer”?  Well it’s not that kind of trainer.  I’m not talking about a Personal Trainer.  There are Personal Trainers out there that do focus on cycling, but that is not what I am speaking of.  What this posting is about is a bicycle trainer.  You can see in the picture above a weird looking contraption on the rear wheel of my bike.  What this “trainer” does  is attempt to simulate riding on the road.  It has different levels of adjustment to make it either more difficult or nice and easy.  It’s actually very similar to a stationary bike that you would find at your local gym.

These trainers are a good way to keep your legs in shape in the off season.  Once you lose sunlight in the winter and it gets cold and rainy it becomes very difficult to find a reason to torture yourself to get a ride in.  Sure there are the hardcore cyclists that will go out in bad weather and are very dedicated, hooray for them.  I’m sorry, but for me it’s enough of a death risk sharing the road with motorists without adding bad weather or a cold bitter ride to piss me off.  Enter the trainer.  I get a pretty good workout on this thing.  You sweat a lot more due to not having any wind in your face, and the stuffiness of the house.  It’s tolerable though.  Plus I get the custom fit of my bike which I am comfortable on instead of a low budget stationary bike.  I can put whatever I want on TV and just zone out for an hour.  It sure beats sitting on the couch, which I did last night…damn.

My goal these next couple of weeks before my century is to try and get in a ride every week day.  At least 30-45 minutes of hard spinning should do me just fine.  I will also still be riding my weekend rides, Friday and Saturday, to get my mileage in.  Hopefully there wont be any rain this weekend, or alas I’ll be on the trainer.

“Keep the rubber side down”


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