Hills, Hills and more Hills?

Saturdays ride, wow what can I say?  Hill repeats were on the docket for this day.  Climbing is a very humbling task. No matter how in shape you are it always seems to let you know where you stand.  See anyone can push the petals and spin on the road, but as soon as you start heading up hill you quickly realize what kind of shape you are in.  The ride this weekend consisted of 4 climbs through the hills in La Jolla.  I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with La Jolla but there are some serious hills throughout it.  When doing hills typically the ride is shorter.  Usually when I complete a normal ride I will see at least 40 on the computer, but on Saturday it was a mere 19.  That is due to the fact that when doing hills all my energy is put forth getting my ass up the hill.

There is a great feeling of accomplishment when cresting the top of a hill, finally being able to take that deep breath after about a million short ones.  It is hard, no doubt about it.  It was actually kind of funny this time.  On one of the hills I was slowly creeping up, and I do mean slowly, out of breath and breathing heavily.  I was coming up on this guy with two dogs.  About half a block away he looked back at me with this odd look on his face, probably because he could here me fighting for breath all the way up.  The dogs were off their leash, cause I guess thats how they roll in La Jolla, and were running circles around me.  As I passed the guy I said, “Do I sound like I’m dying?”, in which he replied, “It’s amazing you guys can get up this hill on a bike.”  Here I am feeling like I’m about to fall over and die and then one simple comment from a perfect stranger can give you that boost to push yourself a little farther.  People surprise you sometimes.  At least it wasn’t a car screaming by me at 50 mph honking the horn and yelling obscenities.

Always Remember

“Share the Road”


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