Ahhhh, Running

There’s something about running.  There’s something more to say about running with a partner.  It’s very motivating.  Trying to keep pace together and keep a good stride.  Such a gratifying feeling when you’re done.  High fives flying around and screams of “good job”.  I have that you see.  I have a great running partner.  Who knew?  She is my teammate and my cheerleader.  She always roots for me in all my endeavors.  Always has my back.  I could not ask for anything more.  What a surprise to come home last night and hear “you ready to run”?  Without that motivation and encouragement I’m sure that I would slip up a lot more then I do now.

It was a great run too.  We were pushing each other to the next street sign.  “GO, GO, GO, you can do it”.  There is nothing like positive reinforcement.  It goes a long way.  It’s so surprising how much farther you can go when your brain is yelling “STOP”.  Your brain can lie to you in my humble opinion.  The human body is so amazing.

Three miles of Santee road fell beneath our feet last night with our sweat dripping, lungs burning and the whole time knowing that both of us believe in each other.  Todays post is dedicated to my teammate and cheerleader.  My wife Tati.


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