Endorphin Junkie

Todays ride was fantastic.  I started out in Santee and headed down Mission Gorge until I hit Mission bay.  Then headed north up Soledad Mountain to the top.  After a short break I turned around and headed back home.  Total miles for the ride today was 50.77 with a 15 Mph average.  Pretty happy with myself considering my hiccup earlier this week.  There is something about cycling that I just truly enjoy.  As a friend once put it, “What you put into the bike will pay you back with positive results”.  And thats true with just about anything.  The harder you work at something the better it is in the end.  The ride up Soledad was hard today, but I felt stronger than I have the past couple months.  Which is telling me that I am starting to get my legs back.

There is an excellent feeling you get when riding or running.  You hit this point during your activity where your body releases endorphins.  Here’s a wikipedia link about it, Endorphins.  It’s a great feeling, a sort of natural pain reliever.  For me it hits when I finish a hard pull on the bike or get to the top of a climb.  It’s really hard to explain but I get this feeling of invincibility.  Like nothing could stop me.  I really do think you could get addicted to it if you have that personality trait.

A great end to the week for me.  Tomorrow is going to be an excellent day.  Planning a hike with my wife.  Will of course post some pics of the scenery.  Till tomorrow.


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