Lazy Days

I re-wrote this posting a few times now.  Halfway tempted to not write anything until I did something beneficial for myself or did something worthwhile.  I would not be holding myself too responsible for my actions if I did that.  For the past two days exercise and a proper diet has seemed to slip from my grasp.  In my defense, I stayed up way too late a few nights ago and lost a lot of sleep.  My tails been dragging for a few days now.  I also over ate last night thinking that I would be riding today and needed the calories.  Ended up not riding.  It’s a hard mindset to break.  I do need calories, but I can stand to be in a deficit.  Add to that quitting Starbucks, which for anyone who drinks coffee everyday can agree, it has been painful.  Even if I have a cup of coffee at work it’s not the same.  Starbucks coffee has to have more caffeine then any regular cup you can make at home.  At least I’m saving $5.95 a day.

Not many goals reached today, but I think that writing down my thoughts and feeling about all of this is somehow helping me to be better at it.  Till next time.

Saturdays Goals

  • 8 AM Wakeup
  • Eat breakfast: Oatmeal, Banana, Yogurt
  • Morning Ride 40-50 Miles at 16mph Average 1281 Calories burned
  • Eat right for the rest of the day

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