Sleeping with the Enemy

I assume from the title of todays posting you’re probably thinking “How can he say something like that?”  Well let me explain.  First off I am NOT talking about my wife. Gotcha.  My enemy is hunger.  Now I’m not sure if any of you have this problem, but at times I do.  In the evenings say about 9 PM my hunger starts creeping back in.  Of course I can have a snack, some nuts or something but I try to think of that golden rule of not eating after 8 PM as much as possible.  So there I was last night laying in bed trying to fall asleep and my stomach is talking to me.  Telling me how great I would feel if I were to go downstairs and make a sandwich.  It’s a lie I tell you, all lies!!  What makes it worse is when you wake up at 5 AM and go downstairs to workout and your body is screaming for food.  Working out like this, being hungry that is, has a term in cycling.  It’s called bonk training.  In a nutshell it falls back to basically your body being completely depleted of any food source and riding until you “bonk” which means totally out of energy about to puke.  Not fun let me tell you.  Here’s a link I found on the subject.  Bonk Training.  I tried this a few times and it’s terrible.  Would never recommend it.  There are some who swear by it, but they can have it.

Hunger is definitely my enemy.  After exercising over the years and eating different foods before, after, and during, you begin to learn what foods are beneficial for your body and what foods are not.  Of course it’s a constant learning process, as I can admit.  I think my problem is when I do eat healthy, like a salad or some veggies, that after a few minutes I’m hungry again.  Especially if I’m on an exercise routine.  I’ve found out that the middle ground of eating healthy and the “it’s ok I can eat this cause I worked out snack” is very difficult to achieve sometimes.  There are times when I always say “I can eat anything because I just burned 1500 calories riding.”  I know that is completely false.  It is one of my demons I am working on, trust that.  My goal is 3 meals a day, with 2 100-150 calorie snacks in between.  Obviously upping my intake on my ride days.  It’s not too hard to achieve.  All it takes is planning out your day.  I find that if I pack my food in separate containers and then organize it out on my desk at work I can follow the plan with no problem.  I sometimes even use my calendar on my phone to remind me when to eat.  Works out great.  There you have it.  My hunger is my enemy.  Sometimes my enemy gets the best of me, but I’m learning to duck and weave when a punch is thrown my way.  Till next time.

Here’s todays workout:

  • 5 AM Work out in home gym
  • Bench press (Dumbbells) 3 sets each 12-15 reps
  • Triceps extensions (Dumbbells) 3 sets each of 12-15 reps
  • Biceps curls (Dumbbells) 3 sets each 12-15 reps
  • Shoulder press (Dumbbells) 3 sets each 12-15 reps
  • Crunches 3 sets 20 reps
  • 6 PM Run-Jog 3 miles with the Wife (Love it)

3 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy

  1. I’ve heard that when we first get that hunger feeling that we should drink a glass of water because it could just be the body telling us it needs more water. If you’re still hungry after that then maybe you do need food. Just a thought.

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