Where have y’all been?

Wait what? No, I mean where have I been? Oh man, all over. Where have I not been though? Is on my bike. The closest I’ve got to getting on my bike is putting it on the trainer for a couple weeks, and no I didn’t even ride it. Pretty bad, huh? Now I can […]

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I’ve Moved my Blog

I’ve been busy, super busy.  In the past couple weeks I’ve been hard at work and I moved all of my previous posts and set up a new site.  The format is pretty different and I’ll be adding new content and writing about more things but the principal is still the same.  I’m still a […]

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Staying On Track

So many times you hear people talk about diets, health plans and different techniques or gizmos they’re trying to either lose weight or gain fitness.  Until you’re in those positions yourself of formulating a plan of an attack on your fat or just wanting a better life for yourself then you can’t really understand or […]

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Internal Workings of A Cyclist

Cycling in general is a very personal experience whether group riding, riding alone, or even with just a few buddies.  You might be with your group hammering down the road but deep down when you start feeling exhausted or cramping up your ride turns into a solo trip.  No one can experience the exact feeling that […]

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Avoid the “Nay” Sayers

You know what I’m talking about and if you’re reading this you also know if you’re one of them. The “Nay” sayers.  People who always seem to have a negative response to anything you say or do. Like any idea they didn’t come up with isn’t going to work and they bring all the negative […]

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I’ve Created A Monster

Changes have been made.  More changes to come.  I have to admit, I’ve gone a little crazy.  I think I’ve given up the big box gym forever.  For me it’s all about my home gym.  It’s complete with a treadmill, weights and a TV for watching some kick ass fitness videos I’ve just recently fell […]

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Always Check Your Inventory

I’m usually pretty good about the gear I carry with me on a ride.  I double check everything to make sure I have what I need.  2 spare tubes, 2 Co2 cartridges, tire levers, cell phone and a small tool set.  Sometimes you get in such a routine, like doing the same ride, loop, or […]

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