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I’ve Moved my Blog

I’ve been busy, super busy.  In the past couple weeks I’ve been hard at work and I moved all of my previous posts and set up a new site.  The format is pretty different and I’ll be adding new content and writing about more things but the principal is still the same.  I’m still a cyclist and I will always be one.  That will always be the main direction and focus but now with a little added zing.

So if you’re currently signed up via email updates then this will be your last update you’ll receive until you head over to the new site and re-subscribe to the new site. Also if you are currently recieving my updates via RSS feeds then you’ll also need to update that as well.  You can either do it from the new site via the link on the left hand side or use the link that I’ll post below.  This site has been good for me being free but now that I’ve purchased a domain I’ll have more freedom to use and display the content that I desire.  See you on the other side!!

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Staying On Track

So many times you hear people talk about diets, health plans and different techniques or gizmos they’re trying to either lose weight or gain fitness.  Until you’re in those positions yourself of formulating a plan of an attack on your fat or just wanting a better life for yourself then you can’t really understand or fathom what it’s all about.

I don’t need to name all the “FAD” diets out on the market right now.  You know which ones are out there and the reason I call them a “FAD” is simply because you can’t sustain a lifestyle that’s going to be able to revolve around their eating plans forever.  Can you survive on boxed meals and powder packets?  Sure, but will you want to?  Of course not.  That’s why these plans or quick fat burning diets fail.  It’s not something that anyone wants to do forever so the fat and unhealthy eating comes back.

I’ve been through a few of those plans and tried out a few of the gizmos, equipment that say’s it will burn this, tighten that. It’s all hogwash.  The only benefit of trying any of that stuff is that I actually got up and did something.  Which means my mindset was almost at the place it needed to be.  I would still be stuck in that rut today if I hadn’t learned that “fad” diets and wacky fitness equipment weren’t the key to my success.

So what is it?  What have I learned?  Well it’s not what I learned per-se but more what I had to un-learn.  All the quick meals in a box, fast food, soda, diet-soda (yes even diet) were out the door.  I had to un-learn how to eat those things.  For example, pasta was huge for me.  I still eat it but now for the first time I tried making my own sauce and replaced white flower made pasta with whole wheat instead.  No more high sodium in jarred sauces.  I also chose to replace a meal with Shakeolegy.  Not only is it the healthiest meal of the day but it also tastes excellent.  It’s choices like these, (simple replace this with that, don’t eat this but have that instead) that have made me lose weight and not only keep it off but I’m now more healthy and my overall fitness level has increased.

Don’t get me wrong here.  It’s not all puppy dogs and butterflies.  It’s taken a lot of practice eating healthy.  No more diets for me, this is now my lifestyle.  For me dieting or labeling it a “diet” has always set me up for failure.  I knew that it was temporary so there I would be after a hard workout or long bike ride stuffing my mouth with nacho’s or a burrito, then feeling guilty afterwards about not dieting correctly.  I’ve taken a different approach to it now.  I recently overheard someone explaining an 80\20 approach to eating healthy.  I liked the idea so much I’ve adapted it myself.  What it means is this, you eat as healthy as possible 80% of the time (clean food, organic, veggies, range free meat, etc.) and then slip a little (20%) and enjoy some of the things that are not so “great” for you but still in moderation.  That means a bite here and a snack there but still watching portion control.  Not only does it keep you on the right track but also keeps you from cracking and going hog wild for those people still working on self control🙂

Learning to undo all the habits I’ve obtained over the years with my food really came down to one simple thing.  I never, ever wanted to be on a diet again.  I love how I feel about myself now, healthy, fit and getting fitter (P90X) that I can’t seem to stop talking about it and want to share it with everyone.  It can be done by anyone and everyone, shoot if I could do it anyone can. Staying on track isn’t easy all the time and can take some work.  Use your friends & family for support when needed.  Mine are here for me anytime I need them, whether that’s an ear to listen to me bitch or a kick in the pants to get to my workout.  We can always use some support especially when it comes to fitness and health.  What have you done in your life to “Stay on Track”?  What’s your secret?  Feel free to comment with your suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints.  It’s all fair game….

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

Internal Workings of A Cyclist

Cycling in general is a very personal experience whether group riding, riding alone, or even with just a few buddies.  You might be with your group hammering down the road but deep down when you start feeling exhausted or cramping up your ride turns into a solo trip.  No one can experience the exact feeling that you have.  Everyone has their own pain level and thresholds to break through. A short fast ride for some could be hellacious while a long, hot ride for others can be a breeze.

Inside though we’re battling our own demons.  Telling us enough, quit, go home now.  Those were my demons this weekend.  Hot weather and I mean hot 100 plus degree weather is hard to plan for if you’re not used to it.  I would have had a recovery drink and some better food with me. Though water and Cliff Bars are great, they didn’t cut it.  Cramping and dehydration starting setting in rather quickly.

My ride was out in Scottsdale, AZ and it was HOT.  If I were to put it into just one word that would be it.  Think about it, the day started at 6 AM and it was 92 degrees.  WTF, who puts themselves through this?  Oh yeah, we do.  I jumped in with a local Tri group here in Phoenix while they are training for the Phoenix Triathlon.  Those boys & girls were fast.  Fast enough to spit me out the back of the group by mile 14.  Luckily right before the first stop…

The ride itself was a run through of the Tour de Scottsdale coming up at the end of the month.  A 70 mile loop which was cut down to 54 today I assume because of the heat.  Not a cloud in the sky (trust me I noticed, I was begging for shade) but it was truly gorgeous out in the dessert early in the AM.  Screw the mid afternoon stuff, you can have that heat.  Hardly any traffic on the two lane road with a pretty kick ass 9 mile downhill where we were able to clip along at about 32 mph. I did get spit in the face by some chick that wanted to keep passing me and then slowing down. Guess no one ever taught her rider etiquette, to watch and warn before you spit.  At least she missed my mouth.

For me this ride was a new element to add to my bag of experiences.  I’ve done the freezing rain in San Diego, the snow in South Korea, and now add to it the hot ass weather in Phoenix.  It’s days like today which shapes me into the person I am.  Difficult and hard tasks makes it easier for me to deal with the day to day mundane crap we all go through.  For now, my feet are firmly planted up on the coffee table and in the very near future (like now) some mexican food and a dip in the pool.  I might even throw in a couple cervezas!

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Avoid the “Nay” Sayers

You know what I’m talking about and if you’re reading this you also know if you’re one of them. The “Nay” sayers.  People who always seem to have a negative response to anything you say or do. Like any idea they didn’t come up with isn’t going to work and they bring all the negative comments to the table before you’ve even completed a sentence.  Yeah, you know who you are.

These type people can seriously affect your own mood or attitude if you let them.  I’ve ran into a few of these “special” people in my life. You have the types who have their head so far up their own butts that they think their crap doesn’t stink and anything they say is gold.  Or the ones who can never do anything wrong and everything is someone else’s fault and they have all the bad luck, blah blah blah. I know bad things happen to good people but no one is that unlucky and if bad things just keep happening to you it’s time to take a serious look at your life and where you’re headed.

I’m not going to let these types of people bring me down.  When you have a dream or an idea that’s bigger than yourself don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or that the idea isn’t going to work or it’s too hard and too much work.  I’m tired of the negative attitudes and the down in the dump moods.  Some people are so upset on the direction of their own lives that it actually makes them feel better to bring you down a notch.  I’ve always thought that if you didn’t like the situation you’re in, well then change it.  No one has the power to do it for you.  Take the wheel and drive your own life and stop trying to control how others are driving and decide what lane you want to be in.  If not, get out of my way with your comments and the “I deserve everything” attitude.  I don’t have time for it, move aside.  I’m staying focused on my family and loved ones. They have my best interests at heart and theirs are in mine.  How it should be.  The Negative Nancy’s and Debbie Downers can all go live on an island together for all I care.  At least they’ll have something in common.

K, I’m done bitching🙂

“Mantenha o lado da borracha para baixo”

I’ve Created A Monster

Changes have been made.  More changes to come.  I have to admit, I’ve gone a little crazy.  I think I’ve given up the big box gym forever.  For me it’s all about my home gym.  It’s complete with a treadmill, weights and a TV for watching some kick ass fitness videos I’ve just recently fell upon.  I’m first starting with P90X which I’m currently in the middle of and have other posts about. Then I ordered Shakeolegy along with the Insanity DVD set.  Check out my page on Shakeolegy, there’s a lot of hype around it right now and I’m going to jump in knee deep and let you guys know what I think.  From what’s been told to me and the information I’ve been reading it’s supposed to be a great meal replacement and has all the vegetables and nutrients in it that most people don’t get everyday, like me.  So after purchasing all that stuff my wife didn’t want to be left out and asked me to order TurboFire for her.  I can tell you now, we’re going to be one “Fit” household.

P90X Maybe You Heard of It?

Trainer Tony Horton will transform your body in just 90 days. P90X® is a revolutionary system that constantly introduces new moves to challenge your muscles and give you extraordinary results.

That’s straight from their website.  And you know what….it’s true.  I’ve just started week 6 now and I’m already stronger and I’m starting to notice small changes in my physique and I’m only half way done.  I won’t lie, it’s not an easy program and it’s not something you can pick up and run with unless you have at least a base layer of physical fitness.  With time though the program can be modified to anyone willing to put in the hard work.  I’m pretty excited about the program and I’m looking forward to completing it so I can jump into Insanity which from what I here is a pretty hellacious workout.

Lilly is Missed

Lilly = My Cervelo R3.  Yes her name is Lilly, named by my wife due to the fact I sometimes spend more time with Lilly and she thought my mistress should have a name.  I’ve only been able to squeeze out one ride per week which is on Saturdays.  With time restrictions from doing this program I’m still having difficulty finding the time and energy to get my normal rides in.  Starting this week I’m going to start upping my caloric intake which should help me have some extra energy to apply to some evening rides.  This of course meaning I’ll be up early (4 AM, sheesh) to do my P90X routine.

In a Cave

It seriously has felt like I’ve been in a cave for a month.  I’ve shut out the world and have been extremely focused on my workouts.  Having my gym set up is great and probably one of the smartest things I’ve done for my wife and I but I do miss getting out on my two wheels.  Time waits for no one and I’ve let a lot pass sitting idle by on my coach.  No more of that.  I absolutely love the program I’m on (P90X), hands down the hardest I’ve trained and worked out.  It’s sad that the cycling is taking a temporary backseat to it (key word being temporary).  I have some big plans ahead and I’ll lay it out in detail in future posts.

Site Changes

As you can see I’ve made some changes to the site, again.  I’ll be making more as well.  There will be some new pages about my nutrition, things I’m trying and different products that I’m using.  I’m diving into a world of not just cycling but overall fitness as well so a lot of the products will be more broad to the fitness community in general and not so focused on the bike.  In my mind though it’s all applicable as being a better cyclist means being more fit overall not just in your leg and cardio conditioning.  More to come…you can be sure of that.

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